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Water Alkaline

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Hi. They call me "The Waterman". I make water alkaline.


Yes, I'm a funny shaped waterbottle. Most people love bottled water. You may even drink plenty from them. But... is this always good? What about the enviroment and looking after our sustainable future?


Let me tell you 3 reasons why I am here:


1. I can help you save money and the environment from plastic wastage. Save the cost of buying plastic bottles and then throwing them away. I can also save you from buying expensive ionizing machines.


2. I can give you really healthy water. With a pH of 8.5+ and lots of nutrients I can alkalise, hydrate and    mineralise you. My water even tastes good :)


3. I can help your chiropractic clients feel better and your business healthier. Win - Win.


Since everybody drinks water - shouldn't everybody enjoy drinking healthy water?

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